Published by J.Geisker on Thu Mar 2020

What you choose to wear can affect your mood and those around you. This is more important than ever considering we are all in a shift from office environment to home environment. While most of us will naturally gravitate towards gym wear, tracksuits or even PJs it's really important we take note of what we are choosing to wear and how we are feeling.

The psychology of colour in particular plays a huge role in how it makes us feel. These are things that happen subconsciously but if we can mindfully think about the colours we are choosing to wear during these tough times and we might just make a difference to how we feel daily and how we affect those around us. 

For example, if you work with children or happen to be around children on a daily basis you might consciously choose to wear more yellow. Which signifies happiness, optimism and youth or Orange which signifies energy, fun and warmth. You'd perhaps think about avoiding red which signifies danger and emotion.

Or perhaps you work with the elderly or vulnerable you might consider wearing more blue which signifies calmness, stability and loyalty. I'll list below the affects each colour has for your perusal.

In terms of what you are choosing to wear now you are in a new environment can also play a role in your mood. It's really important you continue to stick to a routine. The more effort you put into getting ready will play a role in how much you achieve in that day. It's as though it sets the tone for the day. They say people who make their bed in the morning are more likely to get more done in their day. 

My advice for home working is to stick to a start and finish time where possible. Do you hair and makeup as normal and make a bit of effort to get dressed up. By dressed up I mean get out of your PJs and preferably no gym wear and dress presentable. You don't have to put your normal work attire on but whatever you desire just make the effort. Don't forget you may be called into a face time meeting at any given moment and you still want to maintain a level of professionalism. The more casual you are dressed the more likely you will approach your work more casual and vice versa. So just be mindful of your moods and language in relation to what you are wearing and how you are feeling about yourself.

Colour meanings;

Blue - Calming, loyalty, stability, reassuring

Red - Assertiveness, passion, emotion, intense, 

Black - Power, sophistication, professional, mystery

White - pure, safe, trustworthy, clean

Pink - Playful, approachable, genuine

Yellow - Happiness, optimism, youth

Green - Healthy, success, hope

Purple - Royalty, spirituality, luxury

Brown - Stability, natural, reliable

Orange - Energy, fun, warmth

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