Published by J.Geisker on Thu Apr 2020

Having run my own business for 9 years now I have learnt that it's a case of pivot the business or fail, so trying new ways of operating the business has become business as usual for me. However I have not faced such a challenge as I am today with a total global shut down. Whilst most comments I'm receiving from family, friends and peers is ' you have an e-commerce business so it must be thriving right now' but sadly this is not the case. I would assume the same looking from the outside in, especially considering my products are Australian made. However there are several issues. Firstly the demand for the product I sell has gone, I sell professional attire, and everyone is working from home now so the desire to dress up professionally has shifted and therefore purchasing these items has too. In terms of making my product whilst my Australian manufacturer is still operating she has limited the hours of operating because orders she had coming in have now been placed on hold, so production time is extended. In terms of my suppliers, they are sadly held up by freight and logistics and therefore I am limited to what I can buy to make the garments. Lastly once I eventually receive the garments I am limited as to how I capture imagery to market them due to isolation and social distancing restrictions. So... where too now.

As the weeks go on in isolation I'm noticing the businesses choosing to try new ways of operating and the businesses that aren't and I'm wonder if it's a case of 'fear of failure' that is stopping people trying new things.

It has me thinking what would I do if I knew I wasn't going to fail. Is there something I am holding back doing because of a fear of failure. I have a few ideas up my sleeve in terms of pivoting the business again but I'm also a tad cautious in that I'm optimistic our lives with be back to some normality in the not to distant future. As the weeks go on I keep thinking pivot or fail yet some part of me is holding back. I have to tell myself that either way our lives will be different for a very long time so perhaps a change is inevitable and I should just make change, I mean what's the worst that can happen?

What are you holding back on doing?

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