Published by j. geisker on Fri Mar 2020

As I headed into the Luna Park venue on Wednesday to see Elizabeth Gilbert speak I naturally assumed it would be about creativity as one of her more recent books "Big Magic" is all about it. But I was pleasantly surprised that her talk was deeper and actually quite poignant for this current moment in time.

I thought I would share some of my notes as it was a truly stop everything, listen intently, moment.

One of her first stories was about when she was young living in New York trying to break into being a writer, when a chance encounter with her idol (a women she desired to be, who was a writer and living her dream life). Gilbert was complaining about not having enough time for writing, how her life was full with three jobs. To which her idol asked what her fave TV show was, and magazines, and books, and subsequently then said " What are you willing to give up to have the life you are pretending to have?" 

Saying no to the things you love to do is the hardest thing you'll do, but you need to priorities what you truly want to do.

We all have time, its just a matter of Priorities. Boundaries.

Gilbert talked about how she desires to see women RELAXED, in fact she wants to start a movement of relaxed women. You can't see what is truly happening around you unless you are in a state of relaxation. 

"The most powerful person in a room is the most relaxed person" The anxious people are to focused on one thing, but the relaxed person is seeing the whole picture.

"Anxiety is the pandemic right now."

She talked about the most relaxed person she ever knew who has sadly since passed but he was always saying 

"It's all going to be ok" 

She talked about how women worry and justifiy it by saying we are caring. We need to focus on our own well being, and relax more. To find a sense of ease. She said she wants to be at ease in her own skin in her world, that's all she wants.

She talked about the need for us all to create a circle around us and decide who is important in our life and who is allowed in this sacred circle. You're the only one who can determine what's important to you.

She also talked about when her best friend and soul mate became ill and how her priorities became crystal clear, she deleted everything out of her inbox and cancelled everything. 

It's a great reminder to focus on feeling at ease within ones self and to breath, and try and relax more to see the bigger picture.

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