Published by j. geisker on Thu Apr 2020

Now more than ever I feel its appropriate to share our own unique ways of managing stress and anxiety. What works for me may not work for you, but it's comforting to know others are feeling the same or going through the same struggles as you may be.

Whilst I am by nature a home body these new restrictions have caused me more stress than normal, so I can only imagine how those who are out all time must be feeling. Or even those locked in hotel rooms for 14 days with kids. However it is for our safety and I'm proud of how Australia is handling this compared to other countries around the world and I'm definitely grateful to be living here.

For me the first sign of anxiety is the restless sleep, whilst we all go through these patches, when it's day after day it will start to affect your whole life and this is when action for me needs to occur.

Some of the tips below are so hard to apply (like limiting alcohol and coffee because these are 'in the moment' pleasures) but feeling mentally strong is by far a much better feeling than any of those other treats.

We need to priorities our self care above anything else. I know this is so hard when there are kids, and business to run and jobs to do but for those chores and not so urgent things do try to limit it and focus on yourself. Get the kids involved along the way.

I focus on exercise and eating nutritional food to manage my anxiety and it also gives you something to focus on rather than the doom and gloom of the world.

  • Limit Coffee to x1 a day... I can't cut it out completely but limiting one makes a difference to sleep and anxious feelings.
  • Clean nutritional eating - I focus on eating more greens, veggies and less biscuits and snack eating. Hard when you are at home but you don't need it, its usually boredom or stress eating.
  • x4 - 5 Alcohol free days - so hard but helps with your sleep and gives you something to look forward to on the weekend.
  • Walk or run outside for 40min - really whatever you can do, just get outside moving your body.EVERYDAY.
  • Stand up when working - get the body moving as much as possible, because your incidental exercise is now very limited.
  • Pause for 10minutes - Sit in the sun with out your phone or laptop or device and be in the moment. 
  • Bed by 10pm - If you are like me and go to bed later than 10 you get a second wind and its really hard to get to sleep. I also put a diffuser on with lavender and sometimes play a sleep mediation to help my mind relax.
  • Start a list - Ive started to note all the things I will do once the home isolation is lifted. Gives me something to look forward too. 

I know these probably seem obvious but sometimes the obvious things are the things we avoid doing. But if you make movement and nutritional eating a priority it will help you over all feel better inside and out.

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