6 Essential Items for Organised Corporate Chic

6 Essential Items for Organised Corporate Chic

Published by J.Geisker on Wed Apr 2017

We tend to focus our energy on clothing for the work place but I believe how you present your self in meetings and whilst networking can and is just as important. So I wanted to share with you my 6 essential corporate chic items that are not only functional and practical but are chic too. 

Some habits never die and for me I can't let go of a traditional diary. I've often been caught out without a phone charger or there's no reception and I've needed numbers, dates, scheduled meetings, contacts, address etc. Nothing says organised chic like a compact organiser/diary. You don't have to invest in a designer one, but for me I find designer pieces are made from quality fabrics, are timeless, last forever, look chic and they are functional. This Louis Vuitton diary comes with slots for important business cards, eftpos cards, address book, week to a page diary and pen holder, not to mention cute little LV stickers and its compact and fits in my handbag. These diary covers you can buy inserts from office works, so once you've invested in the cover you can maintain it year on year at a reasonable price. [Shop Diary]

Having a pen on hand is not only practical and shows you are organised but it looks great too. I always notice in meetings if people have their own pens and what type of pens. The same goes for shoes, I notice peoples shoes too. I think it says a lot about a person. There are so many gorgeous pens out there priced from $5 up. But why not invest in a quality pen, trust me you won't lose it if it's an item you treasure and bought with your hard earned cash. This gorgeous Swarovski pen is my favourite and I've had it for years.You can buy ink refills from office works in a range of colours. [Shop Pen]

Do you get sick of the coffee and tea stained communal mugs in your office kitchen? Invest in your own that you keep on your desk or better still carry it with you and when you buy your morning coffee/tea you can use it instead of a paper cup. Nothing says chic more than a gorgeous mug, and its great for the environment too. This is my new morning coffee mug from Fashion Illustrator Megan Hess. Love. [Shop Megan Hess]

If you only carry one make-up item in your handbag make it a quality red lipstick. If your face is completely bare (you still look gorgeous) but pop a bit of rouge on and wham instant glam! Perfect for last minute date nights, pop a bit on your cheeks too for an afternoon pick me up. This one is Chanel Coco Rouge colour marie 430. [Chanel Lipstick]

I know there are a multitude of ways to exchange details these days but you still can't go past a gorgeous business card and holder. Why not make it personalised with your own initials. I've got a personalised holder for my TSM (The Shirt Muse) cards. Keep it in your hand bag handy for those network nights or random chance meetings. So important to be able to exchange details efficiently and effortlessly, so why not do it in style. I bought these from TDE (The Daily Edited) along with beauty travel bags. [Shop B Card Holders]

Lastly the bag to fit it all in. Similar to the diary cover I believe in investing in designer quality pieces over fast fashion bags simply because they are made ethically, with quality fabrics, are timeless and in fact only get better with age. My bag of choice is this black Prada bag because of its size and functionality. Multiple pockets and can be worn as a tote or cross body, always handy. [Shop Prada]

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