Published by j.geisker on Thu Jan 2020

One of the things I get asked regularly as a business owner (I don't like to use the word entrepreneur) is how do you get motivated / where does your motivation come from, especially when the day to day grind of life gets in the way.

I am an introvert so I find energy from within and rarely get motivated by what others say or do around me, so if you're an extravert these tips may not work as well for you or perhaps will need some tweaking. 

These are the five main elements that get me motivated or I like to call it excited about achieving my goals. Because really to be motivated to do something means you are excited by the thought of achieving it. 


Have a very clear goal. I find if I generalise a goal I never achieve it. I need to detail the goal. Instead of I want to feel fit, I have to say I want to be able to run 5km without stopping in 20 minutes. The more detailed the easier the following steps are and the more likely you are to get motivated (excited) because there is a clear goal to achieve.


I'm a strong believer in visualisation boards, I have one for the business and one for my personal life and one as a family. I put all the key visual signs of my goal on this board. This is easier in terms of objects because you can place an image of the object but for things like a business or work goal it can be harder. You can choose to select key words or messaging or even someone you know who has achieved what you are setting out to achieve as a visual representation. This is your chance to be creative and think big, dream big. I find this process fun.

You need to place this board where you will look at it everyday. You need to see the visualisation so it triggers your thought process into taking action in that direction and thus getting you motivated and excited. You essentially need daily reminders that this is what you desire, this is what gets you excited and back on track.


How often do we say to ourselves, tomorrow, next week, next month? All the time! We need to just get started. Even if that means starting at step one of identifying what exactly it is you want to achieve. Ask anyone that has achieved something major in their life and they will all say getting started was the hardest yet once you've started you realise its not that hard. If you can take just one step today, in fact right now do it. No more delays. There's never a good time, now is that good time. 


For some of you this may be the goal but for me when I'm fit and healthy I think clearer, I have more energy, I sleep better, I'm on top of my game. I can guarantee when I am at my healthiest both food and exercise my business is thriving and I'm highly motivated. If you want a sharp focused mind exercise will help you be more motivated in all areas of your life.


There's nothing like saying your goal out loud to people to get you motivated. You become accountable to someone other than yourself. Feel free to tell as many people about your goal and I guarantee they will naturally check in on your progress. Some might even give you tips. Failing yourself is one thing but failing in front of family or your peers is another. It will help motivated you to achieve the goal.

I hope this helps you in someway, and feel free to comment with your motivational tips below.


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