11 ways to style your shirts with accessories

11 ways to style your shirts with accessories

Wed Mar 2017

Blog by Jennie Geisker - Founder and Creative Director (Instagram)

One of the main ways to style your shirts is with accessories such as scarves, jewellery and ribbon. You can completely change a look just by adding a feature neck piece. I thought I'd share with you a few of the ways I style my shirts.

One of my favourite ways to style a classic white shirt is with some black velour ribbon (buy it from spotlight, lincraft) to the length you desire. You could buy lots of different colours, patterns, sizes... one for every day of the week if you like. Tie in a knot or bow tie with the collar closed, or open the collar and tie in a knot for a casual look. 

It might seem old fashion but adding a brooch to your top button can add instant glam. 

As above with the velour ribbon you can use just about any ribbon to add a feature bow tie with your shirts. This particular ribbon is from The Shirt Muse packaging... so don't throw it, use it :-)

One of my favourite accessories at the moment is leather, in particular leather chokers. You can add a touch of edge to your corporate look by wearing one of these. Comes in lots of colours available from Lovisa, Sportsgirl, portmans, witchery etc etc...Or you can buy leather strips from haberdashery stores.

You can't beat a chunky necklace with a shirt. Makes a great statement piece, and works with collar open or closed, but I prefer closed if its short, and open if its a long necklace. 

With a neck scarf you can do a range of looks (I'll do another blog solely on scarf styling) but this is my favourite and I call it the airline hostess look. Works great with business shirts especially if you wear it with a leather skirt. You can tie it into a bow and wear it with the collar open or closed. It sits better with the collar closed.

Tie the scarf loosely into a knot and wear with collar open.

Open collar and wear tucked slightly under the jacket to add a pop of colour.

In terms of how to wear your collars with jackets, I personally think a collar tucked under the jacket slightly as below is a lot more flattering and sharp than the 70tys spread your collar way out look. 

Hope you enjoyed, if there's a topic or you have a question you'd like me to cover please pop me an email via the contact page on the website.

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